I do not just apply algorithms;
I understand them.

David Jimenez

I have extensive knowledge and experience in Machine Learning, extremely high quantitative skills, great creativity and passion for what I do.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: I completed my Master studies at KU Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Times Higher Education Top 40th university 2016) in Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Computer Science Option.

Here I studied Machine Learning, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing, Computer Vision, Multi-Agent Systems, Robotics, among others. For my thesis, I designed a theoretical approach for coordination of fleets of robot vehicles using Multi-Agent Systems principles, First Order Logic, and ideas of my own.

PHYSICS: I obtained my Bachelor in Physics from Universidad de Los Andes (Uniandes, Times Higher Education Top University in Colombia). Here, I focused in Quantum Optics, where I developed my thesis in photon Quantum Tomography of polarization states, performing an experimental encoding and decoding of Qubits - stored in polarization states.